President of Turfgrass Producers International term ends in Chicago

The term President gives images of grandeur and power. The ability to make people do exactly what you say when you say it. Not so fast. The President of Turfgrass Producers International is changing a forklift tire before a conference call. I am greasing a piece of equipment right before I sit down to write my article for Turf News. I am listening to radio chatter from a lost driver while I am reviewing my notes for our board meetings. No glamour here! Being President of such a great organization is a privilege and an accomplishment I am very proud of. The Summer Convention is the beginning of the end of my term. I will begin the Convention as President and I will end the Convention as Past President. While that post has its own sense of responsibility, it is nothing like the Presidency. Chicago here I come! Roll out the red carpet! A hard working President is coming to town. I just hope I don’t have to work on any equipment while I am on the road…


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